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4-axis electronic lead screw controller

4-axis electronic lead screw controller

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Automates manual metal lathe operations greatly increasing its capabilities:

  • Precision control of both axis
  • Soft limits / automatic stops
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Turning, facing, cones and more

Software on GitHub

Controller comes fully assembled. It's based on ESP32-S3 that can be programmed freely and used for a variety of applications. Powered via USB-C, it offers five 4-pin terminals on the back side:

  • A/B rotary encoder terminal
  • 4x stepper motor driver terminals

Each pin that isn't fixed to 5V or GND can alternatively be used as a digital I/O pin e.g. to connect a joystick. All I/O pins are pulled up.

With 2 cores each at 240 MHz it has 30x the processing power of a Nano microcontroller making it ideal for CNC applications.

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