Spark AdvancedDataGrid

I have used the logic from Spark Tree to build AdvancedDataGrid based on Spark DataGrid and it seem to work nice:

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Since AdvancedDataGridcontains a few code and uses a lot of Spark Tree logic I’ve decided to add it to the Spark Tree project in instead of creating a separate library.

Note: you will not see disclosure icons unless you specify corresponding item renderer for some column: <s:GridColumn itemRenderer="com.sparkTree.DefaultTreeADGItemRenderer"/>

Download SparkTree4.5.swc for Flex SDK 4.5 and higher.

Please report bugs in comments or to the GitHub Issue Tracker.

12 responses to “Spark AdvancedDataGrid”

  1. [...] there is currently no official Spark AdvancedDataGrid, Maxim Kachurovskiy has created his own custom Spark AdvancedDataGrid/ which he has added to the Spark Tree project on [...]

  2. Great stuff, man, thanks for sharing it !

  3. Thanks for you Spark advance datagrid..

    I have used this component with some editable renderers for multiple cells , but i see performance issue,when i tabbing out from one cell to another cell .

    Can you suggest any solution for this issue.


  4. I am using child item renderer with two images(have some functionality) for the Root column which has plus(+) symbol,because of that performance got decreased.

    Can you suggest any work around for this issue.


  5. Even i can see performance issue with many childs(rows) in advanced datagrid.

  6. Hi! How can I set up grid to display all items expanded by default?

  7. Здравствуйте, использую ваш компонент Spark AdvancedDataGrid. Столкнулся с таким поведением: если весь текст не влезает в ячейку сетки, то его видно и на следующих ячейках строки, только серым цветом.
    Это баг или фича? И как избавиться от этого эффекта?

  8. Hi,

    Very nice component.
    However, it seems sorting the rows by clicking the column headers has been disabled in this component.
    I guess this is deliberate because of the child objects, but the mx:advanceddatagrid has sorting abilities, so it’s possible to do.
    Do you have a solution for sorting, or can you tell me where you disabled it so I can try to figure it out myself?

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