Pronto 4

I’m happy to present the project I’ve been working on for the last 2 years.

Pronto is a Flex application available both on the Web and on the desktops. Click on the screenshots for the full-size images on each feature:

  • Mail client

  • Instant messaging, group chats

  • Calling on regular phones and SIP, receiving calls, group calls.

  • Calendars
  • File storage
  • Address book, access to corporate directories

  • and many more


When I came to the company Pronto 2.x was a huge monolith application becoming less and less controllable because of the code mess. 2 years ago I convinced the team to start the new version from the scratch using my open-source channel library as a little basement.

Happily, it worked out. I want to thank my colleagues for everything they’ve done. Without Natalia Kroupnova, Nikita Petrov, Alexey Chebotarev, Anna Sutyrina, Victor Tsyba, Konstantin Kovalev, Irina Mitrofanova and our boss Vladimir Butenko all this just wouldn’t happen. Special thanks to our JetStyle design team.

All in all I wrote more than half of the code including Core, Modules API, common libraries, Mail, Instant Messaging, Contacts and Files.

Technical features

  • Functionality can be turned on and off, e.g. you can have only Telephony and Contacts or only Mail and Calendar.

  • Functionality is loaded on-demand. You do not load Contacts until you do not use it’s features.
  • Custom plugins (we call them modules) can be developed and smoothly integrated by 3rd parties
  • Look and feel can be changed in runtime (see

  • Localization including icons runtime replacement
  • HTML mail messages reading and composing in both AIR and Web versions, RTL support.

  • Incredible functionality tuning e.g. new mail grid column or contact VCard property handling
  • Font size can be increased/decreased just like in a browser by using the font size manager.

Who use Pronto?

Pronto is sold together with old good CommuniGate Pro server to those who needs own mail, calendar or telephony server that is trusted by over 150 million users across 12,000 organizations around the globe. Our products power more than 12 Tier 1 and 250 Tier 2 Carriers.


Pronto 4 is in Public Beta now but it’s already one of the biggest Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR projects. We believe that Pronto will help people to get connected across the world and is already a great showcase for Flash Platform.

Official Pronto! page

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