Year summary

It was a good year, thank you for reading this blog – hope it is useful at least sometimes :) Starting from the 20-th August 2010 when this blog was opened:

  • More than 2900 people came and read more than 5000 pages
  • Average time on site for each visitor was more than 2 minutes.
  • 600 visitors came from USA, 585 from Russia and 222 from Ukraine.
  • Most popular posts were Spark Tree and storing icons in external ZIP.
  • 45% were using Firefox, 31% Chrome and 10% Safari.

Here is some personal statistics according to the StatSVN:

  • In this year I’ve committed 277 559 lines of code that is 1 100 lines/day.
  • 45% lines were modifications and 55% were new.

One of my next posts is going to be about the look&feel customization system that we are developing in CommuniGate for Pronto:

It’s super-powerful, lightweight and fully backward-compatible (while runtime Flex styles in SWFs are not).

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  1. Спасибо за хорошие статьи!

  2. 1100 lines per day ~ 140 lines per hour ~ 2 lines per minute, boy, I am impressed.

    Happy new 2011 year!

  3. А на каковском лучше писать-то в камментах здесь? EN / RU

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