Flash Security at the end of Flash era

Flash era is rapidly wrapping up and it is important to ensure the security of Flash applications we leave behind us.

Danger of crossdomain.xml

crossdomain.xml specifies the following:

  • If https://other-domain.com/evil.swf can read data from your domain https://mycorp.com/user-mail
  • If other crossdomain

Spark AdvancedDataGrid

I have used the logic from Spark Tree to build AdvancedDataGrid based on Spark DataGrid and it seem to work nice:

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Since AdvancedDataGridcontains a few code and uses a lot of Spark Tree logic I’ve decided to …

Pronto 4

I’m happy to present the project I’ve been working on for the last 2 years.

FTheme.com launch

FTheme.com is my new library that hopefully will make a small revolution in Flex 4 styling and skinning. New application look can be created in Notepad, loaded at runtime and change everything from application background bitmap fill to the CheckBox

Year summary

It was a good year, thank you for reading this blog – hope it is useful at least sometimes :) Starting from the 20-th August 2010 when this blog was opened:

  • More than 2900 people came and read more than

Spark Tree on GitHub

I’ve just uploaded Spark Tree component to the GitHub so if you’ve got some updates or bug fixes – please send pull requests :) Also the package is changed – now it’s com.sparkTree.

Download SparkTree.swc
Download source code

AMFPHP in convinient and reliable way

Remoting with AMFPHP greatly simplifies the client-server application logic. Now I’m going to simplify it’s usage. No responders, no listeners or clients. Just one call(...) and one callback function:

  1. private function init():void
  2. {
  3.     new

Easy solution for one annoying HGroup/VGroup layout issue

Text elements in horizontal and vertical layouts are sometimes coward. When text is small, layout looks nice:

If the text is controlled by user and layout is not smart enough, it can look this way:

“Logout” button is invisible, search

Storing icons in external ZIP and seamless work with composite icons

There are a lot of ways to work with icons in Flex, e.g.:

  • Use @Embed(...) directive inline
  • Use [Embed(...)] metatag and store all icons in class like Assets.as

All this is good until you have too much assets because:

  • Each

Cloud Layout

Here is the CloudLayout.as [plain] that does nice Web 2.0 tag cloud:

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